TA is a widely recognised form of modern psychology – to promote personal growth and change.

It helps people improve their wellbeing and hopefully achieve their full potential in their lives. It offers a theory of personality, a model of communication and a study of repetitive patterns of behaviour.

The philosophy of TA is:

People are OK

Meaning everyone has value and importance and we all have the right to be in the world and accepted for who we are.

Everyone has the capacity to think

People can decide their own decisions and these decisions can be changed – they are not set in stone throughout life. 

Everyone can change

 People can change.

In working with me I will be examining how you think, feel and behave in the world you live in, to allow me to discover any unhelpful patterns you may have adopted that are not useful or helpful to you. TA philosophy also believes that your life is played out as an adult from decisions you made as a child and these decisions may not be helpful in an adult world.

Life can be very difficult at times and seeking therapy/counselling could be the starting point for you to take some control back of your life. It can help and assist you in solving all sorts of problems, you may have tried to make changes in the past and been unsuccessful and be facing the same issues time and time again.